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 Unique 12 DAY PROGRAM

   Lost 5. 5 kg

Lost a total of 12 cm: 2 cm off bust, 3 cm off waist, 5 cm off hips and 2 cm off upper thighs




Lost 5. 4 kg

Lost a total of 21 cm: 1 cm off bust,  10 cm off waist, 5 cm off hips, 2 cm off upper thighs , 3 cm off upper arms

front final

side final



Lost 7.26 kg

front final

Back final


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Lost 22.80 kg

Case Study: 50 year old male 

Presenting Symptoms:

  • Obesity weight: 165.60 kgs
  • Hypertension BP: 180/90mm Hg
  • High risk for coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes (Metabolic Syndrome)
  • Sleep Apnea for 6 months
  • Breathless observed on entering consultation room
  • Life style – sedentary, no regular exercise
  • Eats late and overeats – comfort eater, habit and uses food to improve mood
  • Diet – high in carbs and processed foods: diet soda, crisps, pizza, process meats, ice cream, cakes, donuts,  bread & potatoes.


  • Commenced the hCG weight loss program (42 day program)
  • Provided with nutritional advice and supplements

Within 3 months:

  • Reduced obesity weight: 142.80 kgs
  • BP normalized: 120/70
  • Sleep Apnea improved by 90%
  • Substantial reduction in the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes
  • Improved emotional outlook, with increased energy and motivation
  • Enjoying a healthier diet and lifestyle
  • Was going to do another round of hCG to lose an additional 20kg

Before & after Lab results:

  • All key indicators to health and wellbeing are significantly improved
  • All risk factors are lowered