Hannah’s Weight-loss Story – Lifting the Veil

Hannah came to see me and was desperate to lose weight. She had been on the weight loss treadmill for years which had slowed down her metabolism.  Hannah also suffered from depression but didn’t want to come off her medication. She had noticed that the antidepressants had contributed to her weight gain, and knew that they may make it harder for some people to lose weight.

I put her on a weight loss regime and exercise program but her weight was hard to shift and she was finding it hard to stick to the program because she was not seeing fast enough results. After a few months of only losing a few kilos, Hannah was despondent and on the point of giving up.

During this time I decided to test and evaluate a new weight loss program that I had heard about that was designed by an endocrinologist, Dr. A.T.W. Simeon. Initially, I was skeptical because a few of the unique benefits of the diet sounded too good to be true.  How can a diet and drops cause your body to just burn fat? How could such rapid weight loss be permanent?

I discussed the hCG protocol with a colleague who had trained as a sports physiologist but now had a desk job. Wanting to drop a few kilos ourselves, we decided to test it.  We monitored our progress and checked our fat/water/muscle loss & took our measurements weekly. Being closer to my ideal weight than my colleague I lost 5 kilos and Barry, who loves his Heineken beer, lost just over 7 kilos in 21 days. Not only did we lose the fat, at the end of the first week we had an abundance of energy and felt fantastic. The results were so impressive that I suggested to Hannah that she should give it a try.

She started it with some reservation but when the weight started to rapidly drop off she became excited. I monitored her progress closely and coached her throughout the 6-week program. In 3 weeks she lost just over 9 kilos, which dramatically re-sculptured her shape by losing inches of fat in the areas where she wanted to lose it the most – her stomach and thighs.

She then went on the 3 weeks maintenance period to stabilize her weight loss.  Not only did Hannah get down to her goal weight, but she started to radiate with happiness. She felt proud of her achievement, more comfortable with her body and this gave her a greater sense of inner peace. With the physical heaviness lifted, her emotional mood lifted too. She eventually came off her antidepressant under her doctor’s supervision.

The hCG weight loss method gave her noticeable fast results and the motivation to maintain a healthier lifestyle. After the program, Hannah altered some of her previous dietary habits and adopted the advice on how to maintain optimal weight and health, as outlined in my Dynamic hCG Weight Loss ebook.

If you would like to lose the weight that has been holding you back and improve your overall health, feel free to contact me for a free 15-minute strategy session. I’m here to help you lift your veil and change your life for the better today!

* Client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.